1992 Colorado National Gathering.

Mon, 24 Feb 1992 21:55:24 -0800 (PST)

25 February, 1992

Howdy Folks.
Well it's 1992 already and all's well so far. I've been waiting to write
until I had something to say. So here goes. I've been hibernating, enjoying
the slow, the anonymity. Then I get a letter from Buddha John and Sparrow
Daydancer and Little Dipper. On the back of the envelope someone had added, P.
S. "Hint, Hint". Inside the envelope were copies, rare copies it looked like,
of the Nevada Sagebrush Dispatch, issues number 1 and 2.

Weeell, better late than never. So that we may have a Sagebrush Dispatch or
the equivalent here in Colorado with all the office and help behind it, I am
thereby opening the Ball. "Ladies and Gentlemen, all look towards the center
ring, all look towards the circle that is the center of our family that is us."

"We are opening up in sweet surrender...". We are opening up once again, to
ourselves, to the world, come this July 1st, somewhere in the high mountains of

We need everything. We can use anything. We are not formed at all yet. Come
early and help put it together. We don't have a storefront, an office in that
sense, but we do have a family phone and mail box. We have three musical
fundraisers scheduled for this spring. We're getting it together.

For now, we need people and money energy. Come and help out. This gathering
is everyone's. Colorado is where we began as a family. This is our 21st
reunion. This is where we take it back to where it all began. This is where
we decide where to go with it from here for the next 20 years or so. This is a
crucial crossroads for the family. Much will be decided and made clear in the
Silence on the Fourth.

What can I say? I have a vision of us all meditating sacramentally in the
Silence, one head, one vison, one spirit. I have a vision of a true medicine
healing circle, for ourselves as a Family, and spreading out from our hearts
for the whole world.

We have our medicines. We have our ways to the sacred. I vison us using our
medicines and our ways to the sacred in order to create a new reality, for
ourselves as a tribe, for our place in the whole, and even beyond us for the
larger world. I vision us using our medicines and our ways to the sacred so
that when we come down off the mountain this July fourth we will walk on sacred
ground, the water and the air will be pure, there will be no holes in the
ozone, the world will smell sweet, and Bad George will just be someone we scare
the kids with. I mean we will have made a real difference.

That's the whole point of the gathering anyway, to bring us to July fourth and
that magic moment of silence when all at once we all know we are One. We are
not alone in ourselves anymore. This Oneness is empowering. The last time we
felt it fully, it got us through 20 really hard years as a Family and as
individuals struggling to survive to make it to here and now.

Come to Colorado, folks, come and be part of the Silence this year on the
magical mountain this fourth of July. Put your mind to it! I love you all.


Fundraisers. There are three scheduled rainbow benefits. February 29 at
Bill's Grocery, 6PM, and April 12 and May 24 at the Mercury Cafe. All shows,
all ages. Call 303 795-7294 for details. All proceeds go to the Magic Hat.

Scout Council. May 1st in Colorado (site to be announced). All Scouts
welcome. Contact Billy Shawn, scout focalizer, at 303 494-2214. We will be
scouting this spring. Come and help.

Spring Council. May 28th through May 31 in Colorado (site to be decided at
Scout Council). Come and help make this year's gathering the best ever since

Banking. The Magic Hat is empty! Send donations. Make checks and money
orders out to the Magic Hat. We will soon have a Family banking account. We
need money for printing, for stamps, for our family mail box and our family
phone, for a longer message tape for our answering machine, for gas and map
money for our scouts, for CALM, and for all the expenses of the Scout and
Spring Councils. The Colorado family is raising Magic Hat money with Rainbow
benefits. This is a National Gathering though and we all need to help. The
printing and mailing of this Colorado newsletter alone will cost $75 or so.
And we will need much more money to go on to the land in June. The 1992
Banking Council was created at the Thanksgiving Council. There are 5 members
at present, all here in Colorado. All money sent to the family mail box (see
below) is opened by members of the Banking Council and immediately recorded in
our 'official' ledger. Receipts are kept for all money spent. Please let us
know if you would like your Magic Hat donation to be used for a particular
purpose (office, scouting, CALM, communications, Councils, whatever).

Communications. Our family mailing address is Rainbow, 1705-14th Street,
suite 359, Boulder, Colorado 80302. You should send contributions to the Magic
Hat to this address. Make checks and money orders payable to the Magic Hat.
All mail is picked up and opened by banking council members. Our Family phone
number is 303 494-2214. Call for information, to volunteer, to say hello, or
whatever. When we can afford it we will put a longer message tape on the
Family phone answering machine with more information about regional gatherings,
the location of the Scout and Spring Councils, and other pertinent information.
Please call and let us know of all regional gatherings, councils, and other
regional news. We can include this information in the next newsletter as well
as on the answering machine tape. This newsletter is going out to all national
focalizers by mail and is going out to the awf.rainbownews electronic
conference on PeaceNet. Anyone receiving this, please make copies and send
them on. Thanks.

Happy Trails. If you are coming early to help organize the gathering, please
come prepared to take care of yourself. Be able to support yourself when you
get here. It is usually cold and snowy until May in the Boulder/Denver area
and on into June in the higher country. If you're driving, watch the roads for
black ice! Denver and Albuquerque are probably the best airports to fly into,
although Durango and Grand Junction have airports. You'll pay more though.
Greyhound will get you to Durango, maybe nearer. The trains goes through
Denver, Albuquerque and Grand Junction. Hitchhiking is legal in Colorado
except on the interstates. The gathering in July will be probably around 9000
feet so you'll need plenty of warm clothes and bedding. Go in beauty.

Wanderer and friends

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