News from the Fronts....

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Fri, 28 Feb 1992 20:11:23 -0800 (PST)

News from the Fronts....
February 27, 1992

Vern the Helper called the other day, said that if folks want to help support
the Woodstock Earth community (the land where Yasger had his farm) they should
get in touch with Day up there in NY state, 914-679-2527.

They're looking for donations to help pay the purchase the land and cover
expenses going back to the Ithaca regional gathering......

Vern had Some Questions for you all, to prompt the local councils to think
about these things... I've added some of my ideas, also.

1. What can the Rainbows do for the locals? When we go to a National gathering,
or help make a regional, do we just stock up in town, and split for the woods,
or do we try to do something neighborly for the folks that live around there?
Love the Cops. Make them laugh. Clean the streets. Feed the homeless.....

2.How about Teaching Circles! More focus circles at regional and national
(Maybe encourage kitchens to host focus councils on certain topics. In Vermont
we did such a circle on "Drugs and Drug Abuse". Petros)

3. Regarding the MiniManual. Everybody should have a sense of how to respond to
emergencies, like lost or hurt person/child, etc. Also, a Directory and Map of
Sites, based on the Info Map. Is it possible to make many copies of this for
the Gates?
(Best bet is a good portable computer with inkjet printer for masters,
mimeo/silkscreen for dups... petros)

Revised Rap 107... everybody's Shanti Sena. Know your neighbors!

(How about silkscreen for quick posters, updates. Could be done w/
biodegradable water based inks, and either hand drawn or photo(sun)sensitive
screens! P.)

4. Remember to bring to Colorado the following!

Silvered Mylar, and duct tape. for SunShields. (CALM)
Unperfumed Sunblock (CALM)
Water barrels, etc. Anybody with a water truck please call home!

Need donations of CBs, anntenna, Solar chargers, 12 volt Auto batteries. And
all associated equipment. A good deal for CB users would be a major supply of
AA rechargables, and a bunch of 12 volt rechargers that could run off the Car
batteries that a rebeing charged all day by Full sized solar panels. (CALM,
Shanti Sena, Legaliason, Water and Supplies,Info, Parking, Co-operations... All
of these working councils use CB communcation during the Gathering.)

(If a donation of equipment is brought to Info, we'll try to make sure that it
goes home with you, too! Petros(an unofficial Infomaniac))

5. Focalizers co-ordination meeting in NY State. Mar 20-22 Call Vern the
Helper for info. 212 929 5147 (between 7-9 pm ET)
at the Synapse Square Community Center in Chichester, NY. Right on main drag.
Directions: Take Rt. 214 to Phonecia, or (Trailways from NYC). Then to
Chichester. (2 mile walk if you take the bus to Phonecia)

Call in you suggestions or questions for consideration at the council.
Notes will come out in the next Focalizer Quarterly Mailing... (remember to
send a donation if you can! )

6. How can we keep Alcohol Camp at a respectful distance from tha gates, but
not distance ourselves from those that come asking for help and healing?

Is any body reading this near to Woodstock NY so Day and friends can have a
conduit to the PeaceNet? Please let me know ( or call Day
at 914 679 2527.

South Dakota council is moving ahead with thier plans for " 21st Rainbow
Gathering of the Tribes" in the Black Hills.
Apparently there is enough support amongst certain leaders in the Sioux nation
to allow this gathering to happen.

My greatest concern is that there will not be too many people for the existing
culture there to absorb.
With this in mind, I am encouraging everyone I talk to to go to Colorado, where
the main logistical appartatus of the Rainbow Family will be, able to handle
the multitudes without mishap. I can only wish well, in any case to the family
who have chosen their path. I hope that the lessons learned are brought to the
family circle to share.

My understanding is that the 20 year continuous Rainbow Family Tribal Council
has decided to council in Colorado, and that at that time will be able to
decide how to deal with the phenomenom of multiple family gatherings. These are
now happening on at last three or more continents.

There can be no denying that we are a baby who has outgrown our criib. The
planet seemds to want us to fly like dandelion seeds and take root anywhere,
I have no love lost for my Family who have taken their bliss to South Dakota,
but I wish them well.
However, I will not print their maps.

Look forward to the SW Wisconsin regional may 28th-June 5th! Watch for
Details... Midwest Regional Spring Council late March, early April -- Site TBA
-- Probably NW Illinois near a river.....
First rush of 1992 Guides should be out very soon (Ric/Duane)

Lots O' Love!

Peter at FQM Central!
Focalizer Quarterly Mailing Volunteer

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