A Few Comments on the Gathering

08 Jul 1992 08:50:34

I attended a gathering for the first time last weekend and have a
few comments. First the positive:

1) It was a very beautiful place.
2) Everybody was great.

The negatives:

1) It was way too far from the main road. I understand why the
gatherings have to be away from the RV crowd but 30 miles over dirt
road seems excessive.

2) All the directions posted on this newsgroup talked about a parking
lot that was 2 miles from the circle. This made me believe that I could
walk there from where I parked my car. But, the parking lot where I
parked was ~5 miles from this "2-mile" parking lot. This was a real
surprise. Plus, the so-called shuttle buses weren't very reliable so
someone like me, who hadn't brought a backpack and was planning on camping
next to my car, was out of luck.

3) It would have been nice if there had been some kind of lake or
river that we were allowed to cool off in. The reservoir was nice
to look at but it didn't do us much good.

All in all, I really can't complain much since it really was a
gathering and not a festival or a concert. I hope it takes place
in California sometime soon.

Anything you read here is my opinion and in no way represents the Univ. of Cal.
Jon Forrest WB6EDM	 forrest@postgres.berkeley.edu	 510-643-6764

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