Let's keep this group alive!

07 Jul 1992 20:16:10

Now that the national gathering is history, I hope that this newsgroup
will not fade into obscurity. There is still a great need for discussion
of rainbow-type issues. World Peace, human love, keeping the dream
alive of a more loving community in America and the world.

If you believe in the rainbow vision(s), please continue to post here.
If there is not any traffic, many machines will drop this group.

In addition, if you have a friend who has no access to alt.* groups, I will
do my best to offer a forwarding service via e-mail (if I dont get too
overwealmed :->). Send addresses to me wdp@gagme.chi.il.us. I will
foreward what I can, when I can.

In these weird 1990's, when the dream seems so distant, it is even
more important for those of a like mind to keep connected.

Post your regional events here, post your heartsongs, messages and Love.

We all need eachother, we are all connected.



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