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04 Jun 1992 04:45:17

I want to aporogize in advance this message will be a little long
and have some misspelling and stuff. But I leave in a few hours for
Ca and need to deal with a bunch of stuff.

first off Peter F. and tech. support and me have worked out with igc to cross
post alt.gathering.rainbow and awf.rainbownews (actualy awf.rainbownews name
will change to alt.g* but tech support will make you head to the right place)
my guess this will start sometime today and I will ask Scott (tech support)
to send a message out once this has happened. If you have any questions or problem
drop me a note I will not be able to responde until monday
or tuesday but will try and help then.

Second thing is we are in need of a site to archive the alt.gathering.rainbow
stuff at current the archive is about 1.6 m 5m should be enough for the forseeable
furture. We are looking for a site on the internet which would alow anonymous ftp.
also a person to administer the archive is also needed. this is simple but will
take a few hours to deal with the archive that we presntly have since they
are in two very large files and then to deal with the archive on an ongoing basis.
some technical experince would help but if you know how to use vi that would be enough.

the third thing is I am looking for a ride from the Bya area or anyplace west of the
gathering to the gathering around the end of next week friday or saturday
the 13,14 I think.

oh also the archives of awf.rainbownews are avalible from anonymous ftp
in the pub/awf.rainbownews dir
their are two files archive.Z which is the older stuff and regular which is after
April of 1991.

also if anyone if the Chigo area knows where I miught crash tonight drop me
mail soon.

Well thanks for your time and if you have any questions or info drop me
a note
Love and e-mail
Chicken (of the HI-HO tribe)

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