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"...a loosely knit group called the Rainbow Family that has
been gathering annually in national forests for 20 years,
hanging on to a flower-child lifestyle that blossomed in
the 1960s and wilted in the make-what-you-can 1980s."

The Hartford Courant
July 2, 1991

"Over the centuries, the spirit of cooperation has enabled
hamanity to create wonders of social harmony and technical
achievement. Annually for nearly two decades, a group of
grown-up children has created a unique event dedicated to
this cooperative spirit. The event is called the Rainbow
gathering and this month (July) it is being held somewhere
in the Northeast corner of the US."

High Times
July 1991

"A rainbow-colored halo encircled the sun Thursday, minutes
after Rainbow Family members stopped their silent meditation
and prayer for peace and the Earth."

The Burlington Free Press
July 5, 1991

"...the Rainbows' disorganization is surprisingly effective."

Time Magazine
July 15, 1991

"Just because we are utopian naturalists doesn't mean we
don't get all of the problems of the human experience -
we do. We have the same problems as any other community -
including disease, theft, aggression and various forms of
craziness. But the uniqueness of our community is that
we get to apply our own techniques of healing, teaching
and cooperation to solve these problems."

High Times
July 1991

"...the Rainbows do a good job of cleaning up after
themselves. A crew of Rainbows stays for weeks after the
rest of the family leaves to pick up trash and reseed areas
that were trampled."

Hartford Courant
July 2, 1991

"For the twentieth July in a row, mostly to the displeasure
of local and state authorities, the Rainbows have invited themselves
to a different national forest, there peaceably to assemble. And
peaceably to shake free of the plastic society, hug each other,
wear feathers, wear safety pins in their eyelids (as a few
metal-head teenagers do), dance all night, smoke pot (some of
them), jiggle around nude (some of them), soak themselves with beer
(a troublesome minority), rant or chant or quietly meditate."

Time Magazine
July 15, 1991

"Here's blond, pretty Sittora, from Massachusetts, who gives
a warm, nude hug and a suggestion: Take off your shoes and
walk slower. Here's a leftover '60s flower child with a T shirt
that says JUST SAY YES! And a stilt walker, and a man with
a cobra...an unbeliever must testify that on a cloudy Fourth
of July noon, when a parade of children marched to break a
morning-long silent vigil at the Circle, the sun came out.
And around it was a haze ring that looked a lot like a rainbow."

Time Magazine
July 15, 1991

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