Re: FWD>Tommy's letter
31 Mar 1992 15:43:20

I have been giving the alchola situation some though and here
or what I have come up with. I feel that to condown the responsible
use of alchohal is one things but to suport alchocholism is another.
One of the problem I have and have seen with it use is that it is not
used resposibly. Meaning that the people who use ait at gathering are noisy and disruptive to the group as a whole. That they tend to also be violent with
totaly goes against my own pasifism. Also in this same thread people are not
drinking a little alchachol g to get the effect of it but are basically drinking to get drunk. This point get back to the part of the difference for me between drinking and alchochism which
is a real problem and I do not feel that we should condone this is any way.
Just as how I think that if someone is abusing other things people/nature/animals
it is seen as going a not so good things.
additionaly I have a further problem with alchol because at least from my experinces in the past it is not made or produced by family but baught. I feel strangly that
money should go to necesisties first. I feel the difference between al. and other things is the people usally bring with them from where ever and either give it away or trade it. It seems to me that with al. this is a lot harder to do.
And therefor it winds up being baught with green energy which I have problems with.
and especialy if other things are not being baught because money is being used to buy
Another concern of mine is that I have heard in the past that a-camp has basicaly come in
drank untill they exusinged with money and left. Leavint their camp a mess this is just
not the way I try and aproach gatherings.
Ithese are thew key issues for me and I feel that since the banning of al. has
(or the discuring of it use) has not been sucesful in the past we should look at ways
of dealing with these issues and comming up with constructive ways of solving them.
Actualy I feel that it is the a-camper who need to do this since it is them
who this most directly effects.
Well thank you all for reading and if anyone has a responce or anymore
question or would like me to clearify anything
please let me know
Yours in the Struggle for the Light
and with Love and Hugs!

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