RE- DeKalb, IL Mailing from

Peter Fraterdeus (
Thu, 26 Mar 1992 21:14:37 -0800 (PST)

RE: DeKalb, IL Mailing from Zeus

A young Brother named Gary Sandine called me today from DeKalb, IL.

Gary is very concerned about the material that was sent out under his name and
address by Zeus Cosmos.

He had been approached by Zeus, who is very persuasive, for a mailing contact
for a book that Zeus was writing.

He received the "book" along with a number of the rest of us (focalizers)
without knowing that it would be filled with Zeus' rantings.

Please note that Gary is not responsible for the Mailing, and he wishes to
dissociate himself from it.

trying to be a helpful brother, to someone (Zeus) who turned up in DeKalb, and
showed him how to dumpster good vegies!

Please note that Zeus is pumping out dis-information about Colorado, and has
started to print a sheet calling it Always Free Rainbow News.
Pass the info that the family is producing the All Ways Free in Eugene,OR.

That Zeus is seriously deluded and megalomaniac (In my humble opinion.) and is
dedicated to sowing confusion and deception in order to bring chaos. He wants
to control whatever scene he's in, and the chaos helps him assert his personal
view onto the scene.


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