1992 Rainbow Gathering-Colo

Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Sun, 10 May 1992 16:47:23 -0700 (PDT)

1992 Rainbow Gathering-Colorado
The 21st Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes, July 1-7, 1992, will be in Colorado,
probably southwestern. However, Spring Council (end of May) makes the final
decision, and so the site will not be announced before June 5th or so. Probably

For More Info, call the 1992 Rainbow Family Gathering focalizers in Colorado
303 494 2214
Send donations for the Magic Hat to:
1705-14th Street
Suite 359
Boulder, CO 80302

There is another gathering, variously known as Earth Medicine Gathering, or
again, the 21st Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes also happening July 1-7, in the
Black Hills of South Dakota. However, somebody else will have to find and post
the info, if they desire!

This gathering grew out of last year's di-Vision council, which reached a
consensus on Colorado which was then rejected by a small minority of those
present (that's what I saw, they will tell you different.) They continued to
council after the rest of the camp had cleaned up and gone home, eventually
deciding to go to South Dakota. This decision was greeted with great
trepidation by many folks who have been working for years to build trust with
the Sioux Nations of the Dakotas, for whom the Black Hills are sacred and
ancient holy grounds.

An attempt was made at Thanksgiving Council to reconcile the rift, but the SD
gathering appears to be moving forward.

While I know and Love some of the family involved in the SD gathering, I am
painfully aware that this is a broken circle.
Even so, the Great Spirit has lessons for us all. There can be unity in
division, but it will take great strength and humility on all sides to heal
this wound.

My heart is heavy, feeling the draw toward the beautiful Paha Sapa (Black
Hills), but more so feeling the call of Unity with my Family in Colorado. I
know that our brothers and sisters of the Lakota and Oglala will bring us great
lessons, as the people of the high mountains will as well. We need not go to
South Dakota to find them, and I pray that they will find Us in one Heart,

Come Home to Colorado. This is the Birthplace of the Rainbow Tribes, 21 Years

Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin! (All my Relations!)


PS If you need info on the SD gathering, write to Chris Stanley, 23857 Pilgrim
Road, Sterling, IL 61081
Mention that Petros told you. He'll be pleased, I'm sure....

PPS. I've already said my last word on this subject. The above is just for
background. Don't ask me about it anymore!

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