Wisconsin Howdy Folks, May

Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Sun, 10 May 1992 16:49:09 -0700 (PDT)

Howdy, Folks!
Here's the Whole Scoop on the Upcoming Great Lakes/Wisconsin/Upper Mississippi
Valley Bio-Regional Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes!!!!


GreatLakes/Mississippi River BioRegional Rainbow Gathering

May ThirtiethPJune Seventh 1992 / Kickapoo River 'We the People' Public
Gathering Site
We come together in the Cathedral of nature to Celebrate Freedom, to Learn
Co-operation and to Pray, each in our own way, for Peace on this Beautiful Blue
Planet that is our home!

All Peaceful Beings are invited to Gather in Nature in the beautiful Driftless
Bio-Region of SW Wisconsin. Bring your Love and your free offerings of service
to Our common needs.

Bring bulk food Spices, Juice, Coffee, etc., for Our Kitchens. Tarps, warm
clothes, 5-gallon water jugs, wheelbarrows, picks & shovels & rakes, healing
herbs and 1st-aid kits. Bring your own Cup/Bowl, and spoon. Bring a sleeping
bag or blankets. If you have extra, bring it to share with someone who has
none. Don't bring Pets, Guns, or Alcohol.

Bring Green Energy for the Magic Hat. Feel free to donate, if you want, to
anyone that asks, but there is only One Magic Hat, which is passed at
dinnertime. Other times it lives at the Info station. This Gathering is Free
and open to the Public.
Our Inalienable Right to Peaceably Assemble is Guaranteed by the
First Amendment.

Rap 107/701 (condensed)!
We are all responsible to Keep It Clean! If you Bring it In-TAKE IT OUT!
Clean-Up starts when you arrive! Keep your CigButts in your pocket. If you see
Trash, PICK IT UP! There's no Prizes except the Great Feeling we get from Being
Part Of IT!!!

Early folks help out building Kitchens, digging Latrines, marking off Fragile
or Dangerous Areas (bluffs, dunes, etc.) >>> Participation is the Key ! ! !<<<
If you're a first-timer, go to Info, or a friendly Kitchen, and offer to help
out. Follow someone who looks busy, and ask if they can use a hand! Gather wood
for a Kitchen, or wash some pots for dinner! If you're not a first-timer, you
know better!

If you are sick or hurt, go to CALM. Kids and their families check-in at Kid
Attend Council every day at high noon. Look for Notices, and put your campsite
on the Map at Info. Community Fires only (no private campfires, please!) Every
Fire must have a 5-gallon Water bucket.

We Are All Shanti Sena (Peacekeepers/FireWatchers).
If you see someone that needs HelpQGO HELP!

US 14 to Wisc. Rt 131. Go North through La Farge (15 mi.) Q 7 miles North of
Rt. 82 (La Farge) to Rockton. Cross Long Bridge, Left on Cty. 'P'. 4 Mi. to
Potts Corner (no houses there!) Left, about 200 yds. to first Drop off point.
(Artesian well on left) Walk up the Hill, about 300 yds to Main Gate.

Watch for Rainbow Banners and Signs...
Save your money for the Magic Hat. Accept No Substitutes! Shuttles (if
available) are run by usQfeel free to volunteer! Fuel costs are reimbursed by
the Hat, not by cash at the Gate. Welcome Home!

Please Copy And Distribute! Ingnore all rumors of Cancellation!

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