*CyberSpace/NetSpace Region

Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Wed, 27 May 1992 11:48:20 -0700 (PDT)

*CyberSpace/NetSpace Regional Council
Howdy, Y'All!

How about a NetSpace Council for all us cyber-regional focalizers (anyone that
reads this with understanding!) on July 2nd in Colorado? This will give us a
chance to meet each other in the body before the madness of Focalizer Council

Do I hear a consensus (ie. "the unspoken solidarity of like-minded
Good, I don't hear anything! So nobody objects?

If you've got a better idea, let's hear it!

My vision of the cyberspace Online Council is to serve our Family and Community
by publishing, in a very timely fashion, the important news that we receive
from this amazing network, that spans the Whole Earth.

It is a position of great responsibility and challenge, in that only a few of
us have the time or access to this network to be able to use it to the best
advantage. The net is a powerful resource which we must learn to use with

I encourage all good hearted people to read and reproduce anything that you
find in this conference, >IF< you feel it is appropriate to pass it on. As a
focalizer (as you are if you do this), it's finally up to you to decide what is
true to your heart.
(My position is that this is a public forum, and that the words herein are in
the public domain, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. If an author wishes to publish
material with a copyright notice, we should be honorable, and respect that
notice. However, I encourage any such author to grant rights to reproduce for
non-commercial purposes!!!)

My belief is that this medium is the only truly free and democratic one
currently available today (In terms of freedom from manipulation by the PTB
(powers that be)). Yet it's only accessable (as I said) to a few of us that
have the knowledge and understanding to get to it. Therefore, it is up to us,
our service to our tribe, to act as conduits and channels for this info.

Print out a few pages whenever you get the chance. Start a mailing list of
other folks on the net that would like to know this stuff. Tell your friends at
school about alt.gathering.rainbow. Take copyie to your local circle picnics
(you do have a local circle picnic, don't you?!) Tell your friends on Tour, and
in the GD conferences on the WELL, and elsewhere. Take printouts with you
wherever you go!!! Be a Region 17 (NetSpace) walking Info Center!

"Be Careful with your Messages. Don't spread thought disease. Wash your hands
of rumor and half-truth before working in the Kitchen of Communication! (A
lesson learned by hard experience!)"

StarGoddess Shine on us All!
Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin! Om Shalom!

Petros (Peter)

(Dum teki dum dum Tekidi tek ! ! ! 3>)

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge" -- Albert Einstein
"Unity is plural and at minimum, two" -- R. Buckminster Fuller

PS. For the time being all of my posts will be sent explicitly to both the
awf.rainbownews conference on PeaceNet, and to alt.gathering.rainbow.
Once we get a pipe between them, one way or the other, this will not be

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