Hemp for Victory!!!

Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Wed, 27 May 1992 12:02:54 -0700 (PDT)

Hemp for Victory!!!

Weedstock just ended (in SW Wisconsin), and all the "straight" press could
think of to write about was that there were 100 busts (for "drug offenses". NO
KIDDING, DUH!)..... NOTHING about WHY people would want to see hemp legal!
That the seeds have more and better quality protein than any other plant except
soybean (and easier to digest than soy). That those same seeds have 35% high
quality edible oil from which fuel, solvents and lubricants can be made
(non-polluting, bio-degradable). Nothing About the strongest fiber in the plant
kingdom, from which the best Paper, Linen and Canvas (canvas-cannibis, same
root word!) were made for thousands of years before the middle of this century.
Nothing about how cannibis acreage makes a top quality carbon sink, offsetting
the greenhouse effect of urban-based fossil-fuel burning, and producing
bio-mass tonnage for energy production. Nothing about the complete waste of
human resources involved in repressing a natural and HARMLESS plant medicine,
safer than asprin.

Thousands of peaceloving harmless fathers, mother, brothers and sisters, sons
and daughters, busted into PRISON for YEARS of their lifes, just for believing
in the freedom to grow, trade, smoke and use Hemp products. This is an
absolute travesty of Justice. It is a violation of Natural Law. No government
has the right to outlaw a naturally living species. There will be a time in the
not-so-distant future that people will look back on this time with horror, not
only at the evils of war and racism, sexism and facism, but at the deliberate
repression of a peace-loving and productive culture, through the repression of
their chosen recreational herb.

If we don't do something about this, it's our own fault that it keeps getting
Get out register and Vote. Write to your representatives.
If they don't hear from us, they'll only hear from the OTHER SIDE!!!!


If we don't get involved in the process, we have only ourselves to blame.

Think about it.

Petros (Peter)
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