Rainbow Gathering

Marcus L. Endicott (mendicott@igc.apc.org)
Fri, 06 Nov 1992 17:24:48 -0800 (PST)

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Marcus L. Endicott <mendicott@igc.apc.org> writes:

>Rainbow Family tribal gatherings are now being discussed in:

> alt.gathering.rainbow

How unfortunate! I once came across one of these gatherings
in the Big Sur area (of course they were camped around the hot
springs). I thought I had walked into the filming of the
Last Temptation of Crist...the sequel! Four days later I had
looped back to the spot where I had seen them last; they had
since hiked out, and the place was trashed. I just despise large
groups of backpackers, whether it be Rainbowers, Sierra Clubbers,
or the Boy Scouts. People who travel in packs "tend" to be very

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