Mexico: Winter & Spring Gatherings

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>Rainbow Regional Gatherings in Mexico, Winter 1992, Spring 1993
>We intend to hold an extended Rainbow regional gathering from Saturday,
>December 12 to Sunday, January 3, 1993. Again in Mazunte, Oaxaca, where we
>held a successful Spring gathering May 1 to 5, 1992.
>For the Spring of 1993, centered on the 21st of March, we will hold a week-
>long gathering at Nancillaga, and at an island in the lake of Catemaco, state
>of Veracruz, about 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean/Gulf of Mexico, fairly
>near the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and therefore about 200 miles from the
>Pacific Ocean.
>As usual with gatherings in Mexico, alcohol, drugs or weapons are not allowed
>and infractors will be evicted. Also, if you stay with a native family and
>eat there, there will be payment to them of some $20.00 US dollars per day
>per person. If you participate in some workshops that involve the necessary
>purchase and use of special, unusual, scarce or commercial materials (hammock
>making, mural painting, coral articles, etc.), there will be a charge of some
>$7.00 US dollars per person per day. And, if you want to be listed in a
>directory and to receive later various bulletins, flyers and miscellaneous
>information on Rainbow and Rainbow related activity in this bioregion and/or
>Mexico in general, there will be a charge of some $15 US dollars. Otherwise,
>if you camp and feed on your own, the events are absolutely free and non-
>For both gatherings there will be a lot of activities, workshops, councils,
>music, dance and poetry. And, both will involve heavy interaction with the
>local communities, largely through the custom of non-paid voluntary work
>known as "te quio." The 3 week extended Winter gathering will also involve
>travel, mainly for ceremony and ritual purposes to Monte Alban and Mitla,
>both ancient sacred cities near the state's capital, Oaxaca, and also to
>Maniltepec lake and to the Chacahua National Park and seashore area, both
>fairly near Mazunte, and having similar problems. The Spring gathering will
>be in an area known for extensive and widespread shamanic and magic
>practices, so there will be plenty of that type of activities both in
>teaching and/or learning for those so inclined, knowledgeable and
>experienced, and judged worthy of being admitted.
>To go to Mazunte you can drive Mexico City-Acapulco-Puerta Escondido-Puerto
>Angel, which is about 4 miles from Mazunte. You can also fly direct to:
>Huatulco's International Airport, about 50 miles away and then take either a
>taxi or a minibus to Catemaco. You can drive Mexico City-Veracruz-Catemac,
>and then to the Nancillaga community, right on Catemaco lake, about 2-3 miles
>from the town.
>Rodolfo Rosas Escobar - Rainbow Family Focalizer
>Nadadores # 67A Colonia Country Club Churubusco
>04220 Coyoacan, Mexico 21, D.F., MEXICO
>Tel: (5) 549-2234

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