Re: Gathering in 1975 (Arkansas)
03 Oct 1992 16:51:05

Thus spake Peter Fraterdeus <>:

>Eureka Springs was my first direct contact with the Family.
>My first connection was on my first hitchhike out west on I-80 in '72.
>Got a ride from Ely, nevada (after a day of waiting) from a brother and
>sister coming back from the First Rainbow...dropped me in Sonoma county,
>after a ride over the Golden Gate....
=First= Rainbow?

Sorry, but the =first= gathering was the Gathering of the Tribes in
San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in 1967 - that's were the concept was born
(or at least, it's where we stole it from the Native American tradition :)

(wanders off mumbling about "young whippersnappers" . . .)



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