PROPOSAL: alt.sustainable.agricultu
05 Oct 1992 18:06:20

I would like to propose and open discussion on alt.sustainable.
agriculture as a new newsgroup. Establishing an alt.sustainable.*
category might serve to pave the way for other groups covering topics
such as communities, development, culture and possibly habitat and

The term sustainable agriculture may have several definitions these
days but the one most adhering to the principles I and many others espouse
surrounds these concepts:

: 1) A natural and wholistic system using low-input, regenerative methods
: working toward the creation of biological diversity and a permanent
: agriculture.
: 2) Ecologically sound, socially just and economically viable.
: 3) Encourages sustainability of animals as well as humans.
: 4) Encourages awareness of the need for stewardship of the land.
: 5) Promotes maximum use of on-farm resources.

I am maintaining an FTP, mailing list site to accompany this newsgroup.
News articles will be archived there along with other related documents,
FAQ's, lists and indexes of information kept at the site. WAIS/GOPHER
searches of the literature will be available as well as a listserver
providing access to the newsgroup for people with e-mail but no newsfeed.

Site information:

FTP to:
docs are in /pub/docs/sustainable_agriculture (newsgroup archives,
/pub/docs/sustainable_agriculture/recgardens (FAQ lists)
/pub/docs/sustainable_agriculture/miscrural (FAQ lists)

For those without access to FTP send me e-mail with your requests and I'll
send them to you. Anyone with information to add to the collection should
FTP them directly or e-mail them to me for immediate posting (this includes
new or updated FAQ's or lists). (requests for documents) (personal mail only)

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