Shawnee Gathering!!
20 Oct 1992 23:26:28

Hello! My name is Curt and I recently returned from the Shawnee Forest
gathering, in southern Illinois. I enjoyed the gathering much and had a
great time drumming, chanting, hugging, camping, talking, eating,
meditating, and living. I made some good connections with people at this
Gathering and I'm seeing a lot of possibilities with the Rainbow Family
and others who gather around the family. One thing that did bother me was
a certain amount of apath and a large amount of drugs. I do not feel all
drug use is harmful but when a persons life becomes wrapped up in
tripping, problems can arise. I'll tell you, hugs feel just as good when
you are sober and aware. It's not necessary to see a tracer to experience
love and harmony with people and the planet.

With peace,
Curt Wilson

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