Re: Shawnee Gathering!!

Peter Fraterdeus (
Thu, 22 Oct 1992 22:16:04 -0700 (PDT)

Alright, Curt!
I'm really happy to see y'all getting a really good experience from that
gathering! I was concerned earlier, that it seems (or seemed) to not
have a real strong focus energy. I know that last year there were some
problems because of that.

I would tend to agree with your observations about apathyu (see my earlier
comments about voting!)
On point about the drug sen scene-- if they ewere not being repressed,
there would be cultural and spiritual inforamatiuon available to young
folks when they were getting interested in inner states of being.
The fact that "drugs :" are illegal, and harsh penatlties are laid on
harmless and peace loving folks for using them, means that very little
"legitimate" information is avalable.

Gatherins often attract folks who have fled from the "dominant" culture
beccause they cannot find a place for themselves to pro-actively affect the
culture. Pot smoking and sherooms are 99% harmless. even acid is mostly
harmless, when seen by level-headed people against the background of
materialisti militarism amd drugs like tobacco, alcohol, and gasoline (!)!

Thanks so much for your efforts on your list!
Please sign me up!

(sorry about the typos. I'm on the road and typing live. I usually do all
my messages offline.!)
Play for Peace!

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