12 Sep 1992 16:01:17

Weavy Gravy Nobody for President Tour
12th Arcata CA. The Old Creamery
19th Sacramento CA. The Sacramento Zoo
29th Berkeley CA. UCB Sproul Plaza
30th San Jose CA. Free noon rally, San Jose St. U.

1st San Francisco CA. Free noon rally, Union Square
Last Day Saloon
2nd Berkeley CA. The Ashkenaz
3rd Sacramento CA. Full Belly Farm, Caypay Vally
4th So. Lake Tahoe NV. The Warehouse
7th Fresno CA. Club FRED
8th San Louis Obisbo CA.Loco Ranchero
9th Santa Cru CA. TBA
12th Mercury NV. Nevada Nuclear Test Site

13th Santa Fe NM. 15th Boulder CO. 16th Lawrence KS.
17th Kansas City MO. 18th St. Louis MO. 19th Ames IA.
20th Minneapolis MN. 21th Madison WI. 22nd Chicago IL.
23th Champain IL. 24th Louisville KY. 25th Lexington KY.
27th New York N.Y. 28th Boston MA. 29th Berlington VT.
30th Philadelphia PA. 31st Baltimore MD.

Final Rally Nov. 2nd Peace Park Washington D.C.
Victory Party Nov. 3rd 1600 Penn. Ave Washington D.C.

For updates call 209-736-6737

Barter Fair's
Santa Idaho 9/10-13 (Dan Josph (Rainbow family in the area)
Nothport Wa 10/9-11
Tonasket Wa 10-1 (@ 21 W 4th St.)
Malo Wa 9/18-20
Ruch Or 10/9-11

Washington State @ Soldoc Hot Springs Olimpia NF
Contact John Gallo @ 206-682-3884 (in Seattle)
Date unknown

Washington State
currently going on (sep. 12)
Take 101 to FS 21 to 2180
it is in the Olimpia NF

A Bio-Regional Rainbow Gathering in the Hoosier National Forest, 23-30
September 1992
For seed camp Info, call Kevin 812 332 2492 (no collect calls!)
Site info to follow, or for Map, send a SASE to Rainbow, 1200 W. Cottage Grove,
Bloomington, IN 47404


I would sugjest that someone who can do it regualry (not me do to my Region
16 status) compile a list like this and send it out regaulry once a month.
But until some one else steps forward e-mail them to me (additions that is)
and I will update this list and send it out (as often I can).

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