nobody tour
12 Sep 1992 16:09:17

The Nobody for President Tour was here in Eugene yesterday doing a free
rally during the day and a paid preformnce at night the turn out was good and
their was lots of family present. Mateo of Willamgo Kitchen is very involded in
the tour and would like as much family turnout as possible. Th Tour Started
last weekend on the Hog Farm and will travel across the country for it final rally
in front of the White House the day befor election day and then a party on Election day
(a good bye George Party) the tour is caring the Peace Pole with them and much good energy.
The tour includes Wavy Gravy who does a rap about political stuff
Clan Dyken who plays two sets of hot music
and possibly a local guest appearce.
it is worth seeing or ateast showing up and hanging out, do a free kitchen,
or whatever.

I personal will be in atleast D.C. and I hope to see lots of family their
Love and Hope

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