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Marcus L. Endicott (mendicott@igc.apc.org)
Sat, 19 Sep 1992 14:23:40 -0700 (PDT)

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/* ---------- "Purpose of This Conference" ---------- */
This Conference is designed to comunicate the latest information
on the Healing Global Wounds events planned in October in Las
Vegas and at the Nevada Test Site. This conference will serve
both as a public conference getting the latest information out
to anyone interested and as network for HGW organizers around
the country.

Healing Global Wounds is an unprecedented 10 days of events that will
take place in Las Vegas and at the Nevada Test Site, October 2-12, 1992
to demand an end to the 500 years of injustice to Native Americans
and an end to Nuclear Testing on native lands.

Events include

October 2nd welcoming of The Walk Across America for Mother Earth and
The European Peace Pilgrimage for the conclusion of thier continental
walks that began in New York and Georgia on February 1st.

October 3-4 Indigenous Peoples Forum - Plenary sessions and Workshops
will be held througout the weekend on issues that address the effect
of the Nuclear industry on indigenous populations. There will also be
a medical Forum that will adreess the human and environmental effects
of exposure to nuclear radiation.

October 5 Press Conference announcing results of Forum and announcing
a set of demands that the Western Shoshone People are making on the
DOE. Direct Action is also planned at the DOE.

October 5-9 Walks continue to Test Site

October 10 All Nations Indigenous Healing Cerimony - Nevada Test Site
Corbin Harney the spirtual leader of the Western Shoshone Nation is
inviting spiritual leaders of other Native Ameican Nations and
International Indigenous Leaders to lead a Healing Cerimony.

October 11 Multi-Cultural Rally and Direct Action at Nevada Site.

October 12 commemoration of 500 years of resistance.

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