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Dear Friends;

This letter is to inform you of current events at the Nevada
Nuclear Test Site in the U.S.A. The Nevada Test Site is the
sole remaining place on the planet where nuclear bomb tests
are openly conducted. The U.S. and U.K. governments are
testing nuclear weapons on land once inhabited by Native
Americans of the Western Shoshone Nation.

Peace vigils have been held at the Nevada Test Site since the
1950's. Since the "Mothers and Others Connecting All" event,
on Mother's Day, 1987, the peace movement has maintained a
series of mass demonstrations and nonviolent civil resistance
actions at the main entrance to the nuclear test site. For
this coming October, the Western Shoshone National Council and
the Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance have called for "Healing
Global Wounds," the next in this series of events.

Small numbers of individuals have gone to actual test
locations within the test site to protest, interrupt and stop
nuclear tests. In June of this year nine individuals sponsored
by Greenpeace walked to the site of a planned test and
transmitted live video footage. Two weeks later the test was
canceled. This marked the first time that a previously
announced test had been canceled.

Since that action, nonviolent activists have reached points of
detonation (Ground Zero) of planned tests two more times. On
August 7, activists reached Ground Zero of the next scheduled
test, code-named Hunter's Trophy. Nonviolent civil resistance
actions within the test site are now on-going and will
continue until nuclear testing has stopped. This series of
"backcountry" actions by small groups going to locations
within the test site is be coordinated and promoted by the
organization Reclaim Ground Zero.

These actions are proving to be highly effective. We need
your active support through personal participation, sharing
information, and raising money. Previous actions have cost up
to $80,000; continued success of these actions depends upon
your support. Consider coming yourself to help Reclaim Ground
Zero. If this is not possible, spread the word of these
actions to your friends and colleagues. Please let U.S.
diplomatic officials in your area know of your support for an
end to nuclear testing and for these civil resistance actions.
Not last, or least, please send money!

Detach this card and mail your contribution to:

Reclaim Ground Zero Healing Global Wounds
P.O. Box 492 P.O. Box 4082
Lancaster, CA, U.S.A. 93584 Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A. 89127
Phone (805) 948-6291 Phone (702) 386-8696

($ 10) ($ 25) ($ 50) ($ 100) (OTHER)

Please send Check or International Money Order to either of
the addresses above. Thank you for your donation.

Peace. . .

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