Belize Community Proposal

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Roughly the size of New Jersey, Belize is on the Caribbean coast
of Central America. There are extensive coral reefs, coastal
plains and subtropical rain forests. With 180,000 people, Belize
is culturally diverse -- Creole, Maya, Black Carib (Garifuna),
Mestizo, Mennonite, European, Chinese, East Indian & Arab.
English is the official language.

"Belize has the potential to be a model for the world... self
reliance, political freedom, economic equity, and sustainability."
- Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees. 60% of the land is in
forest cover.

Belize Investment Group is interested in the formation of an
intentional community in either of the two southern districts of
Belize - Stann Creek or Toledo. We are in the embryonic stage of
formation. Our industry ideas include eco-tourism, agroforestry
(organic fruit production), marine resource exploitation and craft

For more information contact:

Bob Todd, Twin Oaks Community Louisa, VA 23093 USA

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