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Peter Fraterdeus (
Sat, 26 Sep 1992 21:48:14 -0700 (PDT)

Reply to: Voting


I'm with you Tim!!!

And I agree with every point you bring up here!

We the People have been hoodwinked into abdicating our sovereignity, and our
Power. This happens through the cynical manipulation of citizens by convincing
them that they have no power. That "it's all decided already" that "...if
voting could change anything, it'd be outlawed...." (from an Anarchist flyer I
saw the other day)

And I have to say, that if AL Gore would only endorse the ecological benefits
of a HEMP and Hydrogen economy, he would be about as enlightened a leader that
the hemisphere has seen. (maybe the planet...)

When I look at Clinton, while I may see someone who has been prompted and
modeled for TV, I still think that he is genuine in his concern for Women, for
instance, and the inequities of the military-industrial state.

Every circle I speak in, I mention the idea of deliberate conscious action. Not
a single global problem can be solved without first overcoming the inertia of
the individual, at some point. Each of us is responsible for the society and
community and the planet that we live on.

To encourage others NOT to vote (as I've seen many times) is to throw away that
which humans have been striving toward for thousands of years--the practical
application of global consciousness to the solution of global problems.

Play for Peace!


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