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28 Sep 1992 15:46:40

In article <> Peter Fraterdeus <> writes:
>Actually, Greider's book is a strong argument that the elections are
>primarily personality contest smokescreens to make us think we have a
>choice. Let's know that and forge ahead anyway. I think there is change
>coming that will sweep us beyond this level of subterfuge, and I think
>that every little bit helps.
I'm seeing more and more that the Republicans and Democrats are
just two sides of a rotten coin -- a coin that I don't want -- not
heads or tails.

It's a shame the two party system works to exclude third parties.
Not that Perot is the best choice ever, but from what he has said --
even if he got the most votes, if he didn't get a majority, it would
go to congress to decide -- and who do you think they would elect?

Sorta makes anything other than a 2 party system likely to be
not representative of the will of the people. Poop.

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