Europa Rainbow Email Adresses ?

Marcus L. Endicott (
Thu, 01 Apr 1993 08:10:00 -0800 (PST)

>Subject: Email addresses for European Rainbows

>I was wondering if you have an email address for anyone in
>Ireland or elsewhere in europe that I could correspond with who
>might be directly connected with the Euro gathering?

RIC (Rainbow Info Coordination) and Peace Projects associated
folks in Switzerland and Italy do have access to email; but, it
is unclear whether or not they are actually using it, much less
monitoring this <alt.gathering.rainbow> Usenet newsgroup. Others
peripherally associated with Rainbow in Scotland also have access
to email, but is equally unclear whether or not they are actually
using it. This assessment is based on their continuing failure
to respond to private email, as well as to post publicly. At
least messages to them are not being bounced back. We do know
that our friends in Russia are with us. It must be said that the
Europa Rainbow Family in general and the Europa Rainbow Tribal
Council in particular are even more technophobic and indeed
paranoid than Rainbow people in North America, for the primary
reason that they have not enjoyed our own egalitarian traditions
of free speech, free press, freedom of assembly, or freedom of
religion. It must be remembered that traditional Rainbow culture
has been based on heart to heart, intuitive, telepathic

It must also be said that it is still unclear whether or not
releasing information to the infinite electronic nets is
positive, negative, or indeed useful at all in terms of events in
the real world. Certainly, those involved in Rainbow focalizing
have found it to ease their work amongst themselves. Hopefully
this ease will not make them become dependent on it. As for
outreach, we believe it to be our responsibility to help
facilitate the ever increasing expansion of this circle.
However, I believe that it is unnecessary to convince the
denizens of cyberspace, information is power... equally for good
or evil. There can be little doubt that there are those,
primarily in institutionalized power, who are trying to work
against us. Furthermore, they are in large part the ones who
originated the electronic networks and control the backbone sites
to what degree no one may ever know. We are the Light workers
and our struggle is against the forces of darkness. Sooner or
later, all of us will meet our maker.

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