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16 Aug 1993 11:33:26

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(Gregory Deatz) writes:
>What is this newsgroup? My friend here has heard of you, and mentioned
>that you had an announcement network on Internet, but she and I both
>have absolutely no clue what you are about.

The Rainbow Tribes are a loose-knit group of spiritualists ranging from
surviving hippies, to hare-krishna to new-age enthusiasts.

There is an annual "Gathering of the Tribes" or "Rainbow Gathering"
which is held over the July 4th weekend in a different location every
year (decided at the previous year's gathering).

The sub-culture is best understood be experience. I don't know of any
written works on the subject. Certainly there is no "official" guide
or history.

Although the Gathering itself only lasts for the Independence weekend
there are many who show up early to prepare the site, and many others
who stay to clean it up and remove all trace of it from their remote
meeting site. Sites are specifically chosen based on the need of that
area for healing. The Rainbow followers leave the forest in better
condition then they find it (which is why the Forest Service tolerates
the clothing optional gathering of several thousand "wackos" under
condidtions that they would otherwise completely freak over).

I simply cannot do the Tribes justice in a such a short article (I've only
been to one of their gatherings and would be considered on the fringe at

>What is your purpose, and what are these supposed gatherings???
They also have regional gatherings. The purpose is simply to live.
("Live" in this case meaning to enjoy the lifestyle of their sub-culture
among others who are a part of it).

>Welcome home?
This is a traditional rainbow way of expressing hospitality. It is
basically equivalent to "mi casa es su casa."

>See you,
If I every get my act together enough to get to another gathering, and
you start going, you might very well see me.

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