Re: What is alt.gathering.rainbow????
20 Aug 1993 13:26:37

What is your purpose, and what are these supposed gatherings???

I would like to add something to an earlier reply to this question. It is my
understanding that the main purpose of the national gathering is to gather
together in a spirit of love and to pray for the healing of Mother Earth and the
unity of the human family. We gather in a mutually supportive spirit and work
to ensure that all of our individual needs are met (food, healing, safety,
support, etc.).

The natl. gathering lasts for a full week, July 1-7. On July 4th,
*INTERDEPENDENCE DAY,* we remain silent from sunrise till noon. We gather
together in silent prayer/meditation at a central location (Main Circle) and
join hands together in a single circle (this is quite a powerful moment --
thousands of people all holding hands in a vast circle praying for healing,
peace, unity, etc.). At the center of our circle is a pole and a large crystal.
Just before noon, the children parade into our circle in silence. At this point
we begin to *OM* and crescendo into a wonderful resonance. The children break
the silence at high noon and we all join them in a raucous celebration that
lasts all night long.

Please come to our natl. gathering next year. Many find the regional gatherings
more enjoyable, so why not check out one in your area (contact a *focalizer* in
your area, just ask us and we will put you in touch with someone).

Welcome home is what you will hear when you get to one of these gatherings. It
is like, *welcome to where you belong*, *welcome back to the safe place where
you live*. It is like saying you have returned to the place that is home, a
familiar safe place where you are taken care of and where you have some
responsibilities. We are the rainbow family!

P.S.: I graduated from Rutgers College, New Brunswick in 1990! So, perhaps, I
will see you back on the banks of the ol' Raritan. Are you a student, or a

Luke Jones, Washington DC

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