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Everyone has heard of the
rise of facism and the far
right in Germany and France,
but for me the real danger
is in Britain. The conserva-
tive party are not publicly
facist, but their policies
in the past are nothing com-
pared to what they are now
trying to do. Their refusal
to join the social chapter
is well known (and is a good
example of their contempt
for their own people and the
rest of Europe). What is not
so well known is that their
treatment of political oppo-
sition and minorities in
Britain. A good example of
their undemocratic methods
is their treatment of the
travelling people and the
festival movement. Many peo-
ple have heard how the po-
lice attacked and destroyed
a convoy of travellers going
to Stonehenge in 1985. This
was not the only attack;
there were at least two
other major assaults on
groups of travellers at
about that time. The media
was instructed not to report
those. Since then, there
have been many such inci-
dents, including one violent
police attack on a Spiral
Tribe rave last year. The
conservative government are
now trying to pass laws to
make the gypsy and travel-
ling lifestyle illegal (this
is against the European De-
claration of Human Rights).
They are also trying to des-
troy the free festival move-
ment, to make squatting il-
legal, to prevent people
taking direct action against
fox hunting, and to make it
illegal to busk or beg for
These new laws have a pur-
pose, to destroy the alter-
native movement of Britain.
I believe that if they are
allowed to do so, other Eu-
ropean governments will try
to do the same. I think it
is important that you are
informed of what is really
happening in Britain, and
that you take some action to
help prevent it. For exam-
ple, write to your EEC elec-
ted representative, and ask
them to exclude Britain from
the EEC.
For more information, write
to: Stonehenge Campaign, c/o
99 Torriano Avenue, London,
England. Send a self-addres-
sed envelope.

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