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30 Aug 1993 20:57:44

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> I also have a less substantiated rumor of a Gathering in New Hampshire, startin
> g 14th Sept, but no further info. If anyone has any further info, please post
> in this board, for the good of all.
Btw this is not a board it is a news group. Calling it a board confuses people.

this is the info I have Wisconsin Sept 3-6 Lafarge Area
New Hampshire Sept 4-18: White Mt Nat'l Forest on North Face of Mt. Mousselaki
go North on I-93 to N. Woodstock Take S.R. 112 West for about 13 Mi. Just before junction of SR112 &
SR 116 go left onto FS 147 (if you get to state road 116 gone too far

Indiana/Hoosier Nat'l Forest Sept 23-Oct 3 contact Kare Bear (812-332-0048
after Sept 12
Shawnee Oct 3-18
Texas Mid oct

> Does anyone have any concrete information about the fallout from the new forest
> service regulations making gatherings involving more than 25? people illegal
> in national forests? It was due to go into effect by now!
they where not due to going to effect by any date actualy (except the
fs is now saying late Fall) the comment period ended thought.
I will post more info soon thought Little White Owls
letter should be helpful
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