Re: Why not FidoNet too ?
22 Feb 1993 18:18:33

In article <9302220457.AA02733@darkstar.cygn> writes:
>From: (Rob Savoye)
>Subject: Re: Why not FidoNet too ?
>> was formed. What would be required to extend >alt.gathering.rainbow< even
>> further to a FidoNet echo?
> There is a fidonet gateway to internet called "". I believe that
>some kind of a fidonet hostid gets stuck with the users name, like:
>"". They could get the the email version that
> - rob -
I might be able to pursuade my immediate FidoNet uplink (echo-mail feed)
to gate alt.gathering.rainbow into a Fidonet echo (RAINBOW or
RAINBOW_GATHERING or whatever). You would be responsible for polling his
system, 1:3641/1 or 1:3641/224 to get your mail. The other option is to
get RAINBOW (or whatever name you use) on the FidoNet Backbone in order
to get broad distribution across the U.S. (or world) without incurring
huge telco bills (you simply pay into your local cost-recovery plan);
I might be able to get the newsgroup gated and sent out for distribution
from my friend's system (1:3641/1).
I can also send individual posts from my Internet account to me in netmail
(Fidonet e-mail) at my Fidonet BBS account; I could then forward them
to various systems/individuals in Netmail or post them in certain Backbone
echoes (newsgroups). I moderate NUTRITION and SUST_AG (Sustainable
Agriculture), both on the Backbone, and could post RAINBOW news in
either conference.

lfl@psybbs.uucp (Internet to Fidonet)
1:151/502 (mail only, BBS not up until this Summer))
Chapel Hill, N.C., U.S.A.

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