Re: Why not FidoNet too ?
23 Feb 1993 09:25:38

> system, 1:3641/1 or 1:3641/224 to get your mail. The other option is to
> get RAINBOW (or whatever name you use) on the FidoNet Backbone in order
> to get broad distribution across the U.S. (or world) without incurring
> huge telco bills (you simply pay into your local cost-recovery plan);
> I might be able to get the newsgroup gated and sent out for distribution
> from my friend's system (1:3641/1).

If there is enough interest, I can probably help this to happen. I know
one of the main fidonet people, he has an internet (56k line) also to
his house. I could ask him if he'd set us up...

- rob -

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