Dillinger Sez Hi! WAFFLE UPDATE !

Sun, 10 Jan 1993 00:52:58 -0800 (PST)

Dillinger here, just got connected to a cool PC and am on lin! e!
will try to have the waffle kitchen going for July.
still trying to figure out how to E-mail a message to m Marion in Munich.
I'm not sure of my computer address yet , but , my realtime address is:

d Dillinger Lee
1927 Rosebud Ct.
san jose ,ca

Good to here t ar there is a RAINBOW NETWORK!
Have 52 acres in Tennesee
Open to rainbows now for spring planting for this years harvest.
Would like to collect seds eds for TEA TIME fund.

for directions contact Mary in New Orleans at:

L>A> diner

Phone l a d i n e r (504)523-3467
Looking for a bus (Isn"t Everyone?0 )
prefer shorter model (20-26')
stil l need transport to Ky. 93
welcome all HOWDY FOLKS!

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