Re: Dillinger Sez Hi! WAFFLE UPDATE !
Sun, 10 Jan 1993 01:13:38 -0800 (PST)

INPUT INPUT Hey! this is great!
Have you hugged your computer lately?
Lets set up a conference OM!
Somebody please send me mail! You know how exciting it was to find out ther were rainbows in my computer too!
Hey! Why can't we get someone to bring a PC w\printer to the gathering ?
We can enter everybodies entries for the guide and have this year's issue of
the Rainbow Guide THIS YEAR!
So many Rainbows e are itinerant that half the entries are invalid by the time it comes out.We need easier access to the latest o updated #'s
We should have the guide listed online. Is it? How would you do it ? Just have some one upload the guide list as a conference? Hey, I'll do it if nobody else will

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