Re: SE Regionals???
11 Jan 1993 13:08:22

> From: Peter Fraterdeus <pfraterdeus>
> Subject: SE Regionals???
> Attn: alt.gathering.rainbow
> SE Regionals???
> Howdy folks!
> This brother is looking for info. If you can help, please send him a note (and
> post the info here if you can!)
> Petros
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> Rec'd by: Pot o' Gold
> 5 Jan 1993
> -----begin enclosed message-----
> HI,
> Shawn Maxwell, a Rainbow Family Focalizer in Montreal who receives Pot o' Gold,
> suggested to me that someone among you would be able to help me out best: Can
> you tell me for sure whether or not the Ocala National Forest (Florida)
> gathering will happen this February? If yes, when exactly?
> Could you give me directions? Is there any special way I can help out?
> If the Ocala gathering is not going to happen in February, then do you know of
> any gatherings or Rainbow happenings in Florida (especially), Louisiana, or
> Alabama, or in the Bahamaas during February?
> I really appreciate any help that you can offer.
> Looking forward to your reply
> Andrew
> 473 Mitchell Ave.
> Montreal, Que
> H3R 1L3
> Canada
> -----end enclosed message-----
I can tell you what I know. Sharon Sheets told me at the Thankgiving Council.
that the northern Florida Family consenced that their was not to be a Gathering
at Ocala.
When I meancged Apapacha Cola. She said that she did not oppose it but it would have
to be talked about. She was very upset about what happen last year. It was decdied
as she tells the story that there was not be a gathering and then all these
people showed up and had a gathering in a site that many felt has been over gatheringed
and the gathering happened.
Then when I was in Frorida I heard talk of scout council for the Ocala gatheiring
and was like what!!! anyway their is more but that is the back ground if you want to know more I
would sugjest getting in touch with Phelepa in Gainsville Fla he could tell you

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