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Sun, 10 Jan 1993 18:54:22 -0800 (PST)

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Howdy Dillinger!

You wrote:
Hey! Why can't we get someone to bring a PC w\printer to the gathering? We can
enter everybodies entries for the guide and have this year's issue of the
Rainbow Guide THIS YEAR!

If you come up to Info, you'll find that this is already happening. However,
the Guide is an enormous undertaking, and is produced (as always) by volunteers
who also have lives to live... If you've got input, come to Guide Council at
the National!

So many Rainbows e are itinerant that half the entries are invalid by the time
it comes out.We need easier access to the latest o updated #'s
We should have the guide listed online. Is it? How would you do it ? Just have
some one upload the guide list as a conference? Hey, I'll do it if nobody else

Unfortunately, there is a problem with this. That is that a large number of
Rainbows are sensitive to the computer listing issue, and would refuse to have
their names in the Guide if it were directly accessible online.

However, I'll keep your offer in mind if the issue ever comes up in council
again! Try to make it to the Focalizer Council on July 5th at Info at the
National. This is where alot of the online issues are discussed with the family
as a whole. This conference is not an official rainbow function in any way.
However, we try to keep a high degree of repect and sensitivity to those folks
who are concerned about computers infringing on their privacy.

Great to have your input and interest!

Play for Peace!

Peter (petros) (un-official online focalizer)

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