C.A.L.M / M.A.S.H and such...

14 Jan 1993 08:00:50

Just curious, as I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, what kind
of care, etc, are the staff of the Calm and Mash units qualified and
prepared in dealing with lets say, a sister or brother goes high, and
they dont not have handy their kit? Will they end up having a seizure
and risk loss of life, or does any stores of insulin end up at the
gathering sites? These things are important to me, as I am still
learning the warning signs, and how to not confuse them with the
signs I used to experience when I was just having a dizzy spell, or
on coming migraine headaches, etc... Because I wasnt so sure that I
should have reacted and did my sugar test, etc, I paid the price of
my ignorance. So, if the Family chooses to retreat to the forests of
the world, often many miles from a babylon medical facility, it would
be re-assuring to know that there will be adequete medical support for
any emergencies. Of course, prevention is the key to the whole thing,
but there are times when one can not be 100% prepared.

Peace, Love and Rainbows,
Sprite and Bonnie
Planning to return home soon as the ski season ends!

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