letter from D.C.

16 Jan 1993 13:05:53

I found the letter from D.C. Things may have changed since this
letter since I have another letter coming from them but have not got it yet.
Well here it is.

Legaliaison/D.C. Crew
c/o P.O. Box 27217
Washington, D.C. 20038
(202) 462-0757

January 3, 1993

Howdy. Just a brief update.

The national Forest Service says it's new anti-Gathering rulemaking
is ready. As of December 28th lawyers for the NFS claimed they
were still in the process of trying to decide whether or not to
send their proposal for a regulation against public assembly on
public lands to the Office of Management and Budget. An inquiry to
the Federal register confirmed that NFS has not published anything

In short there's nothing new on regulations, however this morning
we were advised of the zealous application of existing regulatory
provisions by local authorities -- reportedly acting in concert
with at least on Forest Service law-enforcement agent -- on site
at the regional presently happening near New Augusta, Perry
Country, Mississippi.

Apparently, during the early morning hours, a dozen or so armed
police agents invaded the regional site and arrested one Bruce
Green (for possession of a pipe, we are told). Er and Sara are
said to have asked the agents some questions concerning Bruce's
arrest. As a result, Er and Sara were arrested for "disobeying a
police officer," and "disorderly conduct." Little Hawk and another
unnamed brother are presently in the Perry County Jail on unknown

I would suggest we meditate on ways to deal with this sort of
enforcement in the future.

Please note the Prayer Circle/Drum Jam, January 16, 1993, and the
proposed occupation of D.C. following the year's nation Gathering.

We love you,

In service to the Spirit of Life,

(signed Thomas)

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