RE>Blather is Valuable.

Peter Fraterdeus (
Sat, 16 Jan 1993 13:08:56 -0800 (PST)

Reply to: RE>Blather is Valuable.
Regarding John's comments about bandwidth and blather...

Right on! Redundundancy is one of Nature's favorite methods of assuring message
(or genetic) transmission. Funnelling all responses through a bottleneck is a
sure way to stifle the dynamic interaction of ideas.

Let the dandelion be our guide! May ten thousand flowers bloom!

However, over-writers will probably be ignored in great part! The most
effective messages are one page or less. If you have major documents to share,
please announce where they can be acquired. DO NOT POST THEM!

Everything that comes through here ends up on my screen, using my conference
server ( a QuickMail script). I really don't need pages and pages of Blather at
a time... Little bits are best!

Love and Light!


PS The reason some of my responses come up as new topics is that the LAN Mail
server I'm using truncates subject lines for its own convenience at 25
characters. The advantage is that it delivers all the messages on this and a
number of other conferences right to my desktop, where I can reply to them
offline (correcting my spelling and grammatical constructs for easier and more
effective communication as well). So until some fix evolves (I've asked for the
same both from the net folks and the QuickMail folks), I apologize for the
extraneous topics....


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