walk to Black Mesa

16 Jan 1993 13:55:02

This is something else I got in the Mail.

After 16 Years ----- THE RETURN TO TUKUNAVI ----- A Walk to The Black Mesa
a 40 day walk from Santa Barbara, California, to The Black Mesa, Arizona
Noon Friday April 30, 1993 Rally to Initiate Walk at UCSB's Storke Plaza
1 PM ------------------------- Ceremony to Inaugurate Walk at UCSB Peace Tree
2 PM ****** at UCSB Peace Flame Departure Ceremony and beginning of Walk
Sunset ......... "Walk to The Black Mesa" Ceremony at Wilcox Property
All day Council with Walk at Wilcox Property, May 1, 1993 MAYDAY FOR EARTH
Noon Sunday May 2, 1993 Walk from Wilcox property to City for Vigil
Sunrise Ceremony Monday May 3, 1993 at de la Guerra Plaza, then Walk leaves
In flagstaff, Arizona, Memorial Day Weekend May 29, 30, 31, for Conference
Arrive Hopi Camp at Prophecy Rock for Sunset Ceremony Saturday June 5, 1993
June 6 Council with Hopi Leadership & Appeal for Sovereignty Recognition
June 12 Walk ends at site near Black Mesa Coal Mine where similar walk on
6/12/77 ended seeking a site for a Peace Pagoda Memorial Monument
Caravan to 7/4/93 Rainbow Family Gathering in S/E US, then onto D.C.
The Rainbow Uprising is a self-purification campaign (from LIBERATION DAY$E
of Santa Barbara) for the direct cause of true peace, Harmony among all life
and free natural abundance as paradise on earth. The Rainbow Uprising "Walk
to Tukunavi" will depart Santa Barbara in early May 1993 for a 40 day march
to recognize the sovereignty of the indigenous American Nations including the
Hopi & Dineh Nations being impacted by mining on Black Mesa. The goal of
this walk is to represent mutual prophecy fulfillment understandings
including new knowledge leading: 1) To the end of fossil fuel, nuclear and
hydroelectric power by developing the proven new space power technologies
based on the new physics explaining the independent re-discovery of Michael
Faraday's 1831 homopolar generator, and 2) to the re-commercialization of
the hemp plant for the overall majority of the earth's paper, fiber, fuel,
food, oil, wood products, medicines and atmospheric oxygen (& ozone)

This Walk is being conducted by David Crockett Williams, Jr., Chartered Life
Underwriter and Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, and organized by LIBERATION
DAY$E, The mesa School, c/o Carolynne Diana Fargey and family, 2520 Mesa
School Lane, Santa Barbara, Ca 93109-1851 (805) 966-2813

Draft of plan as of November 18, 1992; subject to future modification/input

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