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January 10, 1993

This is an update on the latest anti-public assembly
As previously explained, the Nation Forest Service had a new
regulatory proposal ready to go, the only thing holding it up was
President Bush's moratorium on regulations. Yesterday Dina Apple,
a regulation writer for NFS, told me that the Secretary of
Agriculture had granted this regulation exemption from the
President's moratorium. Ms Apple said that they would be sending
the Rulemaking to the Office of Management and budget for
preliminary approval within "a couple of days."
The accompanying Rainbow Legaliaison Action Primer (see
message action primer) contains information and suggestions for
mounting a campaign against this new regulation. In my opinion
everything possible should be done, as soon as possible, to stop
this regulation to prevent the necessity of having to go to court.
Although the Family has been fortunate in prier dealings with the
judicial system, courts do not seem to be becoming remarkable more
tolerant, and it's only a matter (of time) before the NFS finds a
judge who likes the idea of permits and the erosion of rights.
Letters and petitions are the only way I can think of to
address this problem before it goes to court. I suggest that the
enclosed petition be photocopied and distributed.

We Love you.

In the Spirit of Life, Love, Truth, Equality, Justice, Freedom,

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