"High Holy" Trouncings...

Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Tue, 19 Jan 1993 14:02:31 -0800 (PST)

Reply to: "High Holy" Trouncings...

Timothy Lee Heerman writes:
>> It deals with the "high holy" attitude in dealing with constructive ideas.
I want to expand on this without being space consuming....
side note: this is not an attack on YOU pfraterues ...only the instance
reminded me of a pet peeve
Anyway's, the scenario goes something like this.... <<

Thanks for not attacking me! I've had my share from the RoadDogs just
lately.... :-{

>>So, I don't know how many times I've seen these young folk TROUNCED UPON by
some freak with about as much common sense as a soybean, merely because he
didn't have the benefit of showing up at last years gathering.<<

I'd have to agree here, having been trounced on plenty of times...

However, the important point, I think, is that the Global Rainbow Phenomenon is
hardly limited to one person's particular point of view, nor to the tribal
point of view of the North American Rainbow Tribal tradition.... If you feel
trounced, it's usually a good idea to listen to the trouncer--sometimes they're
really trying to save you the trouble of getting in over your head. But ask
pertinent questions! There ain't no VISION that can't stand up to rational
inquiry. We're not dealing with the Virgin Mary appearing here (as far as I

If the trouncer is just an egocentric bastard on a high roll, look to the folks
around you to see if they're generally supportive of your 'new idea'. If so,
you can wait til the bastard splits, and call together a working group to
proceed with implemetation.....

This is one reason I like small (less than 300 folks) regional gatherings BEST.

>>Now, I'm no chemistry major, but I know that my little propane stove creates
less hazardous fumes and is FAR MORE FUEL EFFICIENT than these MASSIVE THREE
TREE FIRES you see all over the gathering.(Honestly,I would much rather be
using Hydrogen anyway's) Boogie Meadow is generally the biggest abuser.<<

HO! Absolutely! Let's hear it for hydrogen and sunlight. How about solar ovens
made from large sheets of silvered mylar? Wood fires are spiritually uplifting
though, since they reflect on a direct relationship with the elements (I

Even so, I think the woodfire thing is based in the (true) feeling that the
wood will grow back. However, we need to start burning it much more
efficiently. Barrel stoves and ovens are probably 100%+ more efficient than
open firepits for cooking and heating.

The nice thing about bio-mass (like wood) is that it is a short carbon cycle.
The CO2 that's released by burning the wood is taken back out of the atmosphere
by the next generation of growing plants... Burning propane or other petroleum
based fuels is more efficient, but is also releasing carbon into today's
atmosphere that was buried with that Cambrian vegetable matter 100 million
years ago.... (Much cleaner air though!)

>>IN short, I think ignoring our technologies could be our shortcoming. How
else do we test water for contaminants and then take action to reduce those
contaminants etc... <<


BTW, re: the Radio Scene. I still think it's asking for trouble when there is
centralized info distribution. Too much power in too few hands. If it were done
as a "public service" by some well meaning folks with their own equipment and
FUNDS, then I'd accept it as a donation.

This is the way All Ways Free and the Guide have been done. They have each
evolved into "quasi-" organs of the NorthAmerican Rainbow Tribe, but are not
supported by the Magic Hat.

My feeling is that the Hat should be used only for Food and Health. Certainly
not for petroleum products, coffee, tobacco or other drugs.

>>Oh yeah, one more thing, I have a new slogan for the gathering:


Yeah, well I don't want to know about it ;-)

Play for Peace!


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