Re: "High Holy" Trouncings...
25 Jan 1993 13:29:55

>BTW, re: the Radio Scene. I still think it's asking for trouble when there is
>centralized info distribution. Too much power in too few hands. If it were done
>as a "public service" by some well meaning folks with their own equipment and
>FUNDS, then I'd accept it as a donation.

Well, having been a radio instigator, I agree too after thinking
about things. I see two radio scenes. The CB's used by CALM, parking,
Shanta Sena, etc... are a real help. (well, most of the time). I *do*
think we need to keep somebody at the base station's (at CALM and Info)
to help centralize the info flow, mostly to keep the rumors under some
kind of filter. Plus, most of the time I couldn't reach Welcome Home at
all without a relay from the base station. (I was out at Cornicopia Kitchen)
Since there was nobody there much of the time, this was a hassle.

But, I think the pirate FM radio is best left as a "public service".
I don't want a radio station to come across as the "voice" of the
Rainbow family. A "donated" (time and personal equipment) would be a
good way of spreading some info and doing rumor control as long as it
is made clear that this is a personal endeavour.

- rob -

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