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Marcus L. Endicott (
Mon, 25 Jan 1993 15:34:52 -0800 (PST)

> Well, having been a radio instigator, I agree too after thinking
>about things. I see two radio scenes. The CB's used by CALM, parking,
>Shanta Sena, etc... are a real help. (well, most of the time). I *do*
>think we need to keep somebody at the base station's (at CALM and Info)
>to help centralize the info flow, mostly to keep the rumors under some
>kind of filter. Plus, most of the time I couldn't reach Welcome Home at
>all without a relay from the base station. (I was out at Cornicopia Kitchen)
>Since there was nobody there much of the time, this was a hassle.

I would like to state for the record that I felt that "radio movies" caused
more confusion and disinformation than they solved. Headless, bodiless rumors
too often became magnified and took on lives of their own. I would also like
to state for the record that I feel strongly that *disposable* batteries
should never be paid for from the magic hat. If people cannot support their
own "hot-air" habits, then they should just shut-up. What we need is a big
"central" solar recharging station, a tester, and board full of sockets where
people can label their batteries with indelible marker and just plug them in.

> But, I think the pirate FM radio is best left as a "public service".
>I don't want a radio station to come across as the "voice" of the
>Rainbow family. A "donated" (time and personal equipment) would be a
>good way of spreading some info and doing rumor control as long as it
>is made clear that this is a personal endeavour.

The FM radio transmitter should be used for rumor control, to check the CB
information viruses. In any case, equipment & etc. should only be donated.
What I do not want to see is open FM radios blaring out from kitchens.
Though, I could live with open radios at CALM and INFO only. We have made
some movement toward equipping CBs with earphones. We should come prepared
with extra phones and jacks to wire renegade radios on site.

Any "voice" of Rainbow should be strictly worldwide SW. What we really need
is solar-powered packet radio BBSs at both INFO and the front GATE (inside and
outside) with publicly accessible keyboard terminals for accumulated data of
all kinds, including at least a one-way USENET a.g.r feed if not a two-way
one, perhaps via a radio mail type satellite pager.

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