Re: "High Holy" Trouncings...
25 Jan 1993 18:24:48

> I would like to state for the record that I felt that "radio movies" caused
> more confusion and disinformation than they solved. Headless, bodiless rumors
> too often became magnified and took on lives of their own. I would also like
> to state for the record that I feel strongly that *disposable* batteries
> should never be paid for from the magic hat. If people cannot support their
> own "hot-air" habits, then they should just shut-up. What we need is a big
> "central" solar recharging station, a tester, and board full of sockets where
> people can label their batteries with indelible marker and just plug them in.

Yep. The radio movies were pretty bad at Cornicopia. The breakdown of radios
and dead batteries just made the communication worse. I don't think disposable
batteries should be used anyway, much less paid for by the magic hat. The
problem I started to see was that almost anyone with a portable CB decided they
were Shanti Sena. Worker, Clearwater, and I had many long talks on improving
the equipment scene for '93. I agree 150% with the charging scene, and I will
help try to make it happen. The solar charger never seemed to really work
in CO anyway. I'll babysit it this year if nessasary.

> The FM radio transmitter should be used for rumor control, to check the CB
> information viruses. In any case, equipment & etc. should only be donated.
> What I do not want to see is open FM radios blaring out from kitchens.
> Though, I could live with open radios at CALM and INFO only. We have made
> some movement toward equipping CBs with earphones. We should come prepared
> with extra phones and jacks to wire renegade radios on site.

I don't think I'd really want a radio in our kitchen. CALM and INFO seem like
good places for this. I'm not sure how much good they'd be for rumor control,
since not many people would have the access to hear worldwide SW. I'd almost
rather set up a bulletin board and just stick notes on it as to various rumors.
It seems a good habit to encourage that if you want to check a rumor's
accuracy, you should be able to go to INFO. Many times INFO knew as litle
as anybody else about rumors. I also like the earphone idea. Several times the
CB's "noise" made everyone in camp edgy. Once we insisted that all radio
communication happen in the meadow (50 ft from the kitchen) things stayed

> Any "voice" of Rainbow should be strictly worldwide SW. What we really need
> is solar-powered packet radio BBSs at both INFO and the front GATE (inside and
> outside) with publicly accessible keyboard terminals for accumulated data of
> all kinds, including at least a one-way USENET a.g.r feed if not a two-way
> one, perhaps via a radio mail type satellite pager.

Yep. It's even be legal that way. We talked about this too. What we need is
to get Steve Roberts (and his Behemoth bike). It's got the best mobile
communication setup I've ever seen, including a satilite connection, cellular
phone, usenet feed, packet radio, etc... I'll ping him about it. He's a
high-tech nomad, so he can be anywhere.

- rob -

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