Re: notes - council
25 Jan 1993 15:07:48

I got this message and though you might want to all see it.

> > ""FRONT GATE""- There is much excitement about an expanded front gate
> > presence. This may include a generic kitchen with rotating staff (or a
> > string base kitchen), shelter for late nite arrivals, orientation
> > (107+701+everything else), miniCALM, ShantiSena, workshops, site specific
> > info, FM radio station with info/music, cadillac recycling (compliments of
> > Kaba), enthusiastic invitations to all Family to expand the Circle to include
> > the Front Gate.
> Is Clearwater doing the FM radio thing again ? I like these ideas. I still
> think we should have somebody at the base stations at CALM or Info to help
> relay messages, and help with rumor control. I told Clearwater I'd bring in
> some tools (propane soldering iron, multi-testor, etc...) and help
> repair/maintain radios (CB & FM) and the solar battery charger. I can get
> some regulators for battery charging off of solar cells for almost nothing,
> there's a brother here in Nederland that builds them. Almost no parts.
> > ""SHANTI SENA""-- Training in conflict resolution; need wholistic approach;
> > significant sister presence; workshops; "we are all peacekeepers"
> Really. I saw some very non-peaceful Shanti Sena during the search for the
> rapist. The violent things I heard. At one point we had to practically
> physically restrain some Shanti Sena from tying-up a suspect (who was later
> cleared) that has voluntarily stayed with us (Cornicopia Kitchen) until the
> sister's boyfriend could hike in at daybreak.
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