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25 Jan 1993 15:14:23

Another comment about the Thankgiving Council notes

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> Date: Fri, 22 Jan 93 15:00:01 CST
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> From: Wade Williams <>
> To: Mike Ezrine <>
> Subject: Comments
> Big Howdy from Texas,
> Just a couple of quick notes:
> > -rap 107 and 701 on big boards everywhere
> Do you have these on file so you can mail them to me?
> >Further talk of rap 107/701 copies and revisions.
> >CONSENSUS- ""Review rap 107/701 at Spring Council w/Stephen Wing at HO!
> >address collecting and organizing info/option sent in by Family.
> Sounds like they are being revised, do you have a current summary? I'm
> assuming these are the peaceful guidelines to a happy successful gathering.
> I've read them before, but a convenient file would sure be nice to
> have available.
> >""HOT TOPIC""- Rainbow Dancer speaking, suggests developing guidelines to
> >cope with people who have violent tendencies and borderlines on how open we
> >are. Need to deal with this disruptive negative energy.
> This is quite understandable given the events which happened in CO last
> year. This was very disturbing for me (and our camp) since we were up
> near the donut factory and "in the thick of it" so to speak.
> We're contemplating a "Slacker" camp next year. We were on
> the map last year, but lacked any area for guests. Hammocks and Java :)
> Bummer I'm in the working scene and can't offer more support in pre- and
> post- preparations. When you only have 10 vacation days a year, Rainbows
> are too short. I'm hoping to ship my old roommate to lend a hand setting
> up the national this year.
> Peace brother!
> Love,
> Wade

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