Re: no subject (file transmission)

01 Jul 1993 22:56:36

The following letter was consensed to by the entire dinner circle at the Kentucky site of the Rainbow Family Gathering of Living Light:

A a council was held at the teepee off main circle at 3:30 pm, June 30, 1993. The purpose of the council was to determine an appropriate response to seeing division within the family.
Various options, all relating to the peace pole, were discussed. Three options define the field: keeping the peace pole at the Kentucky gathering's central circle; sending the pole to Alabama as a sign of love, unity and goodwill; taking the pole to a "nuetral" site.
The decision reached was to send the pole to the Alabama site on July 03. This will occur either as the lead in a caravan of goodwill ambassadors or by someone from Alabama retrieving the pole. The rainbow sisters and brothers representing the Kentucky gathering hope to send a caravan, but welcome Alabama family (retrieving the pole) if the caravan can't happen.
Genus proposed, & the rest present, agree that: We are one family, and the pole should spend some time in Alabama before it passes back through the Kentucky site for the D.C. council and drum circle on July 11.

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