Re: no subject (file transmission)
02 Jul 1993 18:08:45

the concil only had 20-30 people on it because of rain. I have heard strong objections to this. I also have been told that if rt
the peace pole does leave that a new peace pole has been made by Blackfoot
and he will be the bearer of said pole. This was appaerently done
in case such a thing as this has happened. now the family will have
no reason to fight over which site gets the peace pole.
I'm hoping that fighting over which pole is the real peace pole
does not break out like it did over which site is the true site.
I think both (peace poles and sites) are both true and in the
Great Sprit's will.

Love you all

P.S. the above opinion may not be the opinion of the rest of
the 93 RAINBOW OFFICE crew. it is only CHUBBACCA's and
ANDREW's opinion.

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