Contacting the President and Vice P
11 Jul 1993 20:34:45

Having spent a great deal of time with people at the gathering discussion
the new proposed National Forest Service Regulations I thought that I
would post the e-mail for both the president and vice president.

It couldn't hurt to send them a message expressing your feelings and
opinons about the regulations. I played it up that these regs were
started under the *old* administration and perhaps they needed to explore
them further.

Who knows as confusing as things have been maybe they are not too aware of
what is happening and the ramifications. They did come to their senses
about nuclear testing didn't they?

The e-mails are:



I certainly enjoyed my first gathering, the spirit and work that went into
turning the national forest into a place for the family was incredible.

I did get a call from someone at clean up and they said it was going
amazingly well, which just goes to show how many people respected Mother

Thanks to everyone for the effort and for all the light and love,


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